The Inside Voice

Host a 3- or 5-minute Virtual Author Visit in Music!

Kids often have questions about Freddie the Frog, Eli the Elephant, Treble Clef Island, and me. A group of students emailed questions. Below are my video responses. Feel free to share them with your students for a virtual author visit.

An Interview With A Frog (5:50)

The Invisible Coqui (4:01)

Author Q & A Video Clips
(Most video clips are under 5 minutes. Time listed below.)

How one music teacher used them to incorporate Common Core ELA:

“I wanted to give you an update on your video responses to the the author questions I sent you a few weeks ago. HUGE SUCCESS!! The kids LOVE them!! I have used them as incentives. After completing a lesson, I save the last 5 mins or so to show one of your videos. The kids have loved seeing your responses and you have become a part of our classroom. 🙂 I have only shown a couple to my younger grades, kindergarten and 1st, and will most likely wait until they are 2nd and 3rd graders to show them all.

Your responses have lead to some great class discussions about literacy. Since this has been our big focus this year and it could not have been more perfect.” – Laura Wagers, Elementary Music Teacher, Saint Joseph School District, MO