Imagine Your K-3rd Grade Music Students
Fully Engaged, Loving
and Learning Music

BONUS! Classroom Management problems become a thing of the past.


The Magic of Freddie The Frog transformed my music classroom and he can transform yours.

Sharon Burch

Music Educator/Best Selling Author

Teaching with Freddie The Frog is for you if:

  • You struggle to keep K-3 students focused and engaged throughout the music class period.
  • You sense that the class is out of control (or almost) and you don’t know what to do.
  • You have a knot in your stomach when “that” class is about to enter.

Imagine if…

  • Your students arrived eager to learn and the fun began from the moment class started until the moment they danced out the door.
  • Your students were “in the palm of your hand” and the class was under control.
  • Your students were loving and learning music while having fun! (And, so were you.)


You are simply looking for new ideas that make teaching K-3 music magical and fun!

Freddie the Frog

Your Resource for Teaching K-3 Music and Loving It!

  • Freddie The Frog® Teacher’s Puppet

  • Video Storybooks – online access

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Curious if Freddie might be a good fit for you and your music classroom?

 What other teachers are saying…

“Thank you for Freddie and the magic he has brought. He is such an amazing tool! So glad I attended your workshop in Tulsa years ago. It changed the way I teach!
I had the fourth graders take a test this week and at the end I asked them what they enjoyed most In music and what is something they loved as a younger student since I’ve had them since kindergarten. (They leave me after this year.) I had about half ask for Freddie to join fourth grade on a regular basis. I guess my older students are missing the magic. Time to bring it back.
This year after I attended Lynn Kleiner’s workshop I added about 60 Folkmanis puppets (thanks to a grant and amazingly supportive families who also love Freddie) who we say are Freddie’s friends from Treble Clef Island. He has transformed my room.”

– Laura Pope

“Thank you so much for your work and your website. You made such a huge difference in my classroom this year! Freddie gave me a framework, a classroom management system, and brought fresh excitement to my students and to me.”

– Laura K.D. McConkey

“My students LOVE Freddie! He has completely changed the way I teach and my students are learning more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you!”

– Karen Bussean

“Your books empower kids. They make it easy to teach.”

– Cathie B

“I had my doubts that this would work for me. I threw caution to the wind after seeing your tutorials in the Freddie Basics Crash Course.  My first class was third grade.  I knew that second graders could be offended by puppets, thinking it was too “baby.”  Third graders would be even harder to win over.
I could hardly believe it.  The third graders loved it!
Then the second graders loved it!  Then the first and the Kindergarten loved it!
One third grade teacher told me that her students are all talking about Freddie. I can hardly believe the student engagement.And I can hardly believe how easily you teach the lines and spaces of the Treble Clef.”

— Mark, Music Teacher